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Skyview's team of designated team of designers is dedicated to assisting you in harmoniously assembling the fundamental components of exquisite drapery, encompassing fabric selection, pleat style, and hardware choices, with precision and care.

The incorporation of beautiful drapery into your living or work spaces not only imparts a sense of warmth and dynamism  but also introduces an aura of elegance. At Skyview, we boast an extensive collection of competitively priced fabrics, primarily comprised of natural fibers for the sake of easy maintenance. Our hardware offerings range from the subtly sophisticated to the strikingly impactful, allowing you to customize your drapery to express your personal style.

In addition to our diverse product range, our in-house sewing studio serves as a unique advantage, affording us the capability to craft your drapery right on-site, transforming your vision into reality. At Skyview, we are truly passionate about drapery and committed to creating tailored solutions for your spaces. 

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