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We provide our clients with a custom experience when it comes to choosing the right window treatments or organization space for their homes. 

Custom Window Coverings:

Our expert sales team will help narrow down the best window treatment for your space. Providing you with product knowledge and a budget mindful quote. 

         Custom Closets: 

         Working with a Canadian supplier, together with our sales team and in house designer, we can address all your storage needs. 

         Custom Drapery:

        Working with Canadian suppliers to bring the best fabrics and hardware to your home. Skyview Closets & Blinds makes all our drapery in house with our skilled Seamstress. 

         Protective phantom screens:

       We are the Authrozied Phantom Dealer for the South Okanagan. Whether it be a Phantom Legacy screen for your door; or Phantom Executive Screen to provide privacy and protection from the sun in your out door space. We can help. 

Contact us today for a free home consultation. 

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